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Keynotes & Events

Custom keynotes for your market, localized to your region:

  • Housing in 2021 and Beyond:
    From the housing bubble and global financial crisis in the aughts to a global pandemic in the early 2020s, how we live and work and our social divides through the lens of housing and the built environment.

  • Climate Change at Home: 
    A partnership with How will climate change affect you where you live and what can we do about it as individuals and at scale?

Upcoming Events

  • Climate Change and What to do About it: Seattle Bank April 10th

  • California Association of Realtors Business Technology Forum: Feb 10th

  • Economic Forecast in a World Rocked by Climate Change—A Focus on Snohomish County: Economic Alliance of Snohomish County Feb 25th

Past Events 

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